eric cercone

Eric Cercone


U.S. Air Force

Instructor of Meteorology
Colorado Springs, CO
January 15 Cohort
Naval Postgraduate School, MS Meteorology

What excited you most about starting business school?

My current job has exposed me to many practical aspects of business but never the academic side. I am excited to merge those and better understand the background of how and why things work in the business world. The opportunity to study in multiple cities and work with businesses and students from all over the US and world is exciting. The diverse backgrounds will bring a lot to the table for discussions and group work.

Why did you apply to MBA@Syracuse?

I am pursuing my MBA to merge my practical business experience with the Air Force with the academics behind the how and why. I heard about MBA@Syracuse while looking for an institution that is highly competitive and flexible. I decided to attend this program due to the quality of instruction and faculty. The program is robust and the international travel opportunities are excellent.

What are your career goals and aspirations upon graduation?

Depending on where life takes, I’d like to finish my career in the Air Force or pursue a new career in business using my MBA. I have always had a passion for helping people and have found FEMA to be a very interesting organization. I wouldn’t mind using my weather and business backgrounds to help make FEMA a better organization.