dave bauer

Dave Bauer


Assured Information Security, Inc.

Linguistics Subject Matter Expert
Sauquoit, NY
January 2015 Cohort

What excited you most about starting business school?

With the start of business school right around the corner, I’m really excited to get to meet my fellow classmates and be able to learn from their experiences while sharing some of my own. I have spent the last 15 years in the military, and I am really looking forward to seeing the more “conventional” business side of companies outside of the Department of Defense construct. The opportunity to take part in the various residencies is high up there in the experiences I most look forward to.

Why did you apply to MBA@Syracuse?

I decided to pursue an MBA after completing my undergraduate studies because I wanted to increase my knowledge of corporate America. In addition, I feel that this course of study will expand my horizons and potential career opportunities after recently departing active duty military service. With an MBA I feel like I can continue an upward progression in responsibilities and management experience, all the while impacting the daily operation of a company in a future career.

There were a plethora of choices available in MBA programs. I saw Syracuse was ranked highly among all those choices and it ties back to the area where I grew up.

The flexibility of the MBA@Syracuse program coupled with the reputation of a solid program with several prestigious alumni is the ideal program for me for a valuable graduate program. The biggest selling point was the format of the program. The unique distance learning environment will add to the feel of actually being inside a classroom while still affording me the opportunity to fit graduate studies into my busy professional and personal life.

What are your career goals and aspirations upon graduation?

I hope to take the lessons learned in business school and apply them to my current career as a Department of Defense Contractor. I also see the possibility to utilize my new found skills to engage my entrepreneurial nature to start a company or work with a start up at some point in the future. I feel that the tools I’ll be equipped with will open up many opportunities to expand my horizons.