danielle hauf

Danielle Hauf


Lockheed Martin

Marketing Communications Representative
Littleton, Colorado
July 2015 Cohort

Why did you apply to MBA@Syracuse?

I have always been a goal-oriented person. From working through school to attend my first choice undergraduate institution to applying my strong sense of discipline to earn my second-degree black belt, having goals is what drives me and truly motivates me.

Earning an MBA is what is motivating me to take the next step in my career; equipping me with the skills necessary to lead a team. Once I started researching online MBA options, I was more than impressed with Syracuse’s program that included an “in-person” option through the synchronous online classroom. I also chose Syracuse because of the opportunity to network with my peers through the residency component of the program.

What excites you most about starting business school?

The challenge. I know that it is going to be difficult to balance school and a full-time career, but if you aren’t pushing yourself to be better what are you really doing? Having the opportunity to learn from talented faculty from an award-winning school, while developing my character through this new life challenge is truly exciting!

What are your career aspirations upon graduation?

Upon graduation, I aspire to become the program manager for one of our leadership development programs with my current employer. Additionally, I plan to take my own business to the next level and expand into new markets.