damian travier

Damian Travier


Jackie Robinson Foundation

Director of Programs
New York, NY
January 2015 Cohort

Why did you apply to MBA@Syracuse?

I am pursuing an MBA to advance my career and acquire a set of skills that will benefit me both professionally and personally. After doing some research on executive MBA programs and online MBA programs, I decided that Syracuse was the best fit for me. I could not be more excited to start the program!

What excites you most about starting business school?

Nonprofits and philanthropies these days are increasingly run like for-profit corporations. I want to learn and use business concepts and philosophies to advance my organization, most importantly from a brand and market perspective but also from a financial perspective.

What are your career goals and aspirations upon graduation?

Receiving my MBA from Syracuse University will afford me the opportunity to pursue senior executive positions at my current job. In order to advance to the VP level or ultimately Executive Director, it is essential that I develop the skills and cache that come with an MBA.