Strategic Sourcing

This course explores the impact that strategic sourcing has on the success of both small and large-scale businesses. Students will explore topics such as the strategic nature of purchasing, negotiating tactics, international sourcing, and cutting-edge technology used in “world class” purchasing departments. In addition, students will take a deeper look into the ethical, contractual, and legal issues faced by purchasing professionals.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • learn negotiation skills that can be applied in all facets of life;
  • develop an understanding of the demands placed on purchasing and supply chain managers by business stakeholders and its global impact;
  • comprehend the impact of purchasing and supply chain management on the competitive success and profitability of modern organizations;
  • develop an awareness of the ethical, contractual, and legal issues faced by purchasing and supply chain professionals;
  • understand the increasingly strategic nature of purchasing, especially the fact that purchasing is much more than simply buying goods and services; and
  • review cutting-edge technology used to run a “world class” purchasing department.