Strategic Management Course

Strategy and its integrative role in management. Concepts, models, and skills for developing strategies to create and sustain competitive advantage in a dynamic and global environment. Topics include environmental analysis, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation.

Video Transcript

My name is Will Geoghegan. Some of you guys may have seen my name written down, and there’s probably a couple of redundant vowels in my name, so it’s just WILL GAY-GAN, very simple to actually pronounce. I’m supposed to talk to you guys a little bit about myself and a little bit about the class, so I’ll try and keep this short and snappy. First of all when it comes to that accent that you’re hearing, it’s an Irish accent. I am from Ireland, and I’ve lived in Galway for 10 years in the West Coast of Ireland, and I lived in the southeast in a place called Tipperary. It’s a long way from here—some of you guys might get that reference. When it comes to places I’ve worked, I worked in National University of Ireland Galway. I also worked in UMass Lowell, and I’ve been in Syracuse since about 2010. So I’ve done a number of years in SU, and I really like the culture and SU, and I like the town itself, really good quality of life. And when it comes to a lot of my research interests, I’m not going to bore most of you guys with my research interests, but predominantly around innovation and strategic management. Some of the stuff that I am explicitly interested in, you can find in my bio page, or if you want any of the papers or any supplementary material, of course let me know.

When it comes to what I’m really interested in, I love to travel. I’ve lived in different places all over the world. So I’ve lived in New Zealand a couple of times; I lived in British Columbia, twice in Canada; I lived in Boston a couple of times. I think all Irish people actually have to live in Boston when it gets to the States to start often in, before they actually let you to the proper mainland—that Ellis Island phenomenon, I guess. I’ve also lived in places like Switzerland. I lived in Spain for over a year in different places, and I love to travel. So, I love a lot of the topics that we’ll discuss here, and a lot of the international companies that we will have a really good discussion about. And when it comes to explicitly to that travel aspect, one of the units is on international strategy, so we can leverage that in a lot of different ways.

When it comes specifically to class, so, we’re going to talk about a lot of things that make companies successful—things like vision or goals that are simple, consistent, and long term. We’re going to map out how to analyze the external environment. We’re going to talk about the internal environment. So, we’re going to help understand resources, capabilities, and core competencies in this class. We’re also going to talk about business and corporate-level strategy, how you compete in the marketplace, and how you garner a competitive advantage. We’re also going to talk about corporate strategy—vertical integration, diversification, mergers and acquisitions, and international strategies. This class really does force you to think in an analytical manner. With most strategies, there’s no perfect or very few perfect answers. And a lot of what we’re going to discuss is to try and understand some of the phenomena that we see through the use of models, frameworks, and different tools that have been pertinent in strategic management over the last number of years. We’ll try and work through them all in a systematic manner, and we’ll try and apply lots of examples, so you guys are clear on all the different tools. So, welcome aboard. It should be a fun 10 weeks. Thank you guys, and, yeah, best of luck!