Project Management Course

Course Description

This course is intended for the graduate student who is interested in developing a portfolio of skills in general project management. Students will learn core processes used by successful project managers such as determining project scope, estimating costs and schedules, organizing and staffing a project, monitoring project progress, and developing lessons learned from completed projects.

Course Objectives

Video Transcript

Welcome, this is Project Management. My name is Patrick Penfield, and I’m a professor of supply chain management at Syracuse University. I have been teaching project management now for eight years, and prior to actually joining academia, I was in industry for 15 years. So, I’ve been a project manager. I’ve been in project teams. I’ve been part of new product creation processes. I’ve moved warehouses; I’ve moved factories; I’ve moved lines. Project management is near and dear to my heart, so it’s one of those things that I hopefully can share with you my experience and my knowledge as far as how to be great project managers.

So, let’s talk a little bit about the course. So this course is for people who are interested in developing a portfolio of skills in general project management. What we’re going to do, and these are the major learning objectives, is, one, we’re going to kind of understand the elements of successful project management. So we’re going to kind of get into the details of, you know, what makes a great project manager. We’ll talk about the organization and planning necessary for requirements in regards to project closure. We’ll talk about the process. We’ll talk about scope. We will talk about estimating costs. We’ll get into schedules. We will discuss how do you organize the staff—how do you monitor a project’s progress? We’ll talk about lessons learned, and then we’ll talk about completed projects. And we’ll look at what went well, what went wrong. So, one of the things we want to have in this class is we want to have fun. And what I want to do is, hopefully, be able to maximize your value in the marketplace. So in this course, we’re going to have a lot of class discussion. We’re going to have a lot of case situations, we’re going to discuss articles from business and technical publications, and there’s going to be a lot of hands-on work within this class. So, the goal is to give you some experience with cost estimation, project scheduling, resource allocation, and earned value analysis.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the elements of successful project management
  • Review and understand the organization and planning necessary from requirements definition to project closure
  • Confidently identify how to maximize their value in the marketplace