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Coupons: The Art of Stretching a Dollar

Coupons are an inexpensive way to attract new customers and reward existing ones. In fact, 85 percent of consumers look for coupons prior to visiting a retailer, and more than 72 percent actually use them. 

Golf to the Modern Executive

Golf has long been deemed the sport for business. A favorite pastime of the world's elite, today it remains the top-cited hobby among senior executives. In fact, a recent study found that CEOs who regularly play golf are paid 17 percent more on average than those who do not.

The Cost of a Bad Credit Score

Your credit score impacts milestone purchases. When the time comes to go back to school or buy that dream home, you don’t want your credit score standing in your way. In case you’re not convinced yet, we’ve calculated some of the expected costs and consequences of a bad credit score over a lifetime.

At Amazon, Supply Chain Innovations Deliver Results

When Jeff Bezos launched in July 1995, few realized how apt the name would become. The company’s original tagline was “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore.” Twenty years later, Amazon has grown to be more like its namesake—a vast ecosystem.

Introducing BusinessAnalytics@Syracuse

Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management Launches New Business Analytics Graduate Degrees. Two options include the online BusinessAnalytics@Syracuse and full-time on-campus M.S. in Business Analytics.

The Floral Supply Chain: Cold, Competitive, Consolidating

For most customers purchasing roses for Valentine’s Day, these supply chain developments remain invisible, but for those inside the floriculture industry, the cycle of growth, maturity, decline, and replacement by new hybrid players continues to resemble the nature of flowers themselves.