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Sabermetrics: Baseball Analytics and the Science of Winning [Infographic]

Though the term “sabermetrics” has only been around since the early 1980s, the practice of using statistics to gain a winning edge in baseball goes back almost two centuries. As the tools of sabermetrics continue to advance, teams like the New York Yankees and Mets are becoming more adept at using analytical tools to dissect the science of winning.

Quality Education and Needed Flexibility Says Military Veteran

MBA@Syracuse student Lezlie is a strategic initiatives director in Syracuse, New York. A former member of the military, she transitioned from active duty to the civilian side a few years ago. We spoke to Lezlie about her experience with the MBA@Syracuse program and what it’s like to earn her MBA online.

Online MBA Student and Military Member Abroad

MBA@Syracuse student Geoffrey Haines is an active duty member of the Air Force. Currently stationed in Germany, he works in the intelligence field and has served for almost 11 years...

4 Benefits of Adopting Remote Employees

Having a remote employee is a win-win scenario—for the employer and the employee. Many companies now recognize the mutual benefits of allowing employees to telecommute and are leading the way with remote employee options.

Family, Career and an MBA Online: The World We Live in Today

MBA@Syracuse student is a project manager as well as a new mother. Earlier this year, she attended a residency for the MBA online hosted on campus.

5 Businesses that are Innovating Supply Chains

Innovative online retail companies are learning how to compete with well-established companies by creatively managing their supply chain.