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From Dorm Room to Living Room: Millennial Debt and Homeownership

A new generation is hoping to achieve the American dream: their own home. But how will millennials pay off their student loans while taking on new homeownership debt?

Price Elasticity on Broadway

For the past decade, ticket prices of each year’s “Best Musical” Tony winner have spiked 17 percent on average following the awards. Broadway has never seen a show as successful as “Hamilton,” and the musical’s “Tony bump” highlights the price elasticity of demand for Broadway’s very best shows.

The Psychology of Private Label Grocery Brands

Store brands are no longer merely a cheap, no-frills option for consumers trying to stretch a dollar. Retailers are increasingly using private-label brands to capture every segment of the market and pressure the national brands into better prices.

Insurance Industry Braces for Driverless Cars

As automakers increase production of self-driving cars in the next few years, the auto insurance industry will undergo a significant shift. Experts say insurance companies need to prepare for this change or risk losing millions or billions in insurance premium revenue as self-driving vehicles cause drastic drops in crashes and premiums.

From Awareness to Action: Cybersecurity Strategy for Small Businesses

Big spends on cybersecurity infrastructure and personnel are often unrealistic for small businesses. With the seriousness of cybersecurity risks, however, small business owners must identify their unique vulnerabilities and implement a lean, effective threat prevention framework.

Push and Pull: Hollywood, Netflix and the Future of the Entertainment Business

In five years, Netflix has evolved into a media company, producing its own content and becoming a competitor to the biggest entertainment companies in the world. How’s that going over in Tinseltown?