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Top 10 Reasons to Earn an MBA

There are many reasons to earn an MBA. Students in business school develop valuable skills in leadership, decision-making, finance, and data analysis, all of which can be immediately applied in their career. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons to earn a Master of Business Administration.

Something Borrowed, Something Green: Sustainability in the Wedding Industry

From pharmaceuticals and food products to software and communications equipment, other industries have begun to adopt sustainable business practices, but the wedding industry —and its clients—still has cold feet about long-term commitment to the environment.

Measuring the Value of Marvel Characters

There’s about a 12 percent chance you’ll see Iron Man on screen at any given moment while watching a Marvel movie. But is he the only star in this franchise? MBA@Syracuse found the values of more than 200 Marvel characters.

With Viewership and Revenue Booming, Esports Set to Compete with Traditional Sports

By 2020, more people will watch a professional video game final than watch pro baseball, soccer, or hockey playoffs. What is driving the popularity of esports, and the streaming industry benefiting from the fast-growing audience?

Student Perspective: MBA@Syracuse Residency in Dublin

For one MBA@Syracuse student in the online Master of Business Administration program, the residency in Dublin, Ireland was both “unique” and “powerful,” providing valuable moments to learn about emerging technology and meet classmates and faculty in person.

Potential Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Sales Poses Opportunity in NY

As New York investigates legalizing recreational marijuana, the state is missing out on millions of dollars of potential tax benefits, as well as the social and medical ones. Stringent regulation, limited patient access and the requirement to handle all parts of the value chain in-house are ongoing deterrents for dispensaries — and their prospective investors.